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IPMS Team Profile 

Nigatu Alemayehu is an Agriculturalist (MSc) from Alemaya University and has been involved in research and development activities in several organizations. His experience in this capacity has been based on practical agriculture towards livelihood improvement and income diversification of communities, poverty alleviation through technology transfer and sustainable utilization of natural resources. He has published several papers, reviewed scientific papers that were submitted to Journals and Proceedings, and edited three national and international workshop proceedings and has a contributed chapter in a book. Nigatu is currently working as a Research and Development Officer for the Ada'a Pilot Learning Woreda.



Zewdu Ayele holds a BSc in Animal Sciences from Alemaya University and an MSc in Tropical Animal Production and Health from the University of Edinburgh. Prior to joining ILRI, he worked as Coordinator of the Oromiya Region’s Gender Forum for Panos. Zewdu was the Coordinator for FARM Africa’s Regional women–focused goat development programme. He was also the Acting Project Coordinator and Enterprise Development Officer for the Konso Capacity Building Project. He has published and contributed to articles in several journals. Zewdu is currently a Research and Development Officer for the Mieso Pilot Learning Woreda.



Kahsay Berhe holds a BSc degree in Plant Sciences and an MSc degree in Environmental Science from Addis Ababa University. Prior to joining ILRI in 1987 as a Research Assistant, he worked for the Ministry of Agriculture and World Vision–Ethiopia as a Regional Agronomist and Project Manager, respectively, for 6 years. His research works were mainly in relation to agroforestry in the highlands of Ethiopia. During his tenure with ILRI, he has authored and co-authored more than 20 publications in the form of edited conference proceedings, international refereed journal articles, chapters of book and training manuals.

Aklilu Bogale obtained an International Diploma from Cambridge International College and holds a BSc in Information Systems from PESC Information Systems College. He now works as a Database Analyst for ILRI-IPMS project. Prior to joining the IPMS Project, Aklilu worked as a data processor/analyst at ILRI's Debre Zeit Research Station and has gained experience on data management and statistical analysis.


Birke Enyew is a graduate of Junior College of Commerce and holds a Diploma in Secretarial Science and Office Management from the Junior College of Commerce and a BA degree in Sociology & Social Administration from Addis Ababa University. Prior to joining ILRI, Birke worked as a secretary with the former Office of the National Committee for Central Planning (ONCCP) and the Project Implementation Office of the World Bank under Addis Ababa Administrative Region. Birke is now a Senior Secretary/Administrative Assistant.



Berhanu Gebremedhin obtained a BSc in Agricultural Economics from Alemaya College of Agriculture and his MA & PhD from Michigan State University. His major research experiences include analysis of effectiveness of agricultural institutional support services; evaluation of the adoption and impact of agricultural technologies; analysis of the determinants of effective collective action for community natural resource management; and policy and institutional analysis of sustainable agricultural development. Currently, he is working as a policy/institutions analyst with the IPMS Project. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Economics at Addis Ababa University. He has published in several international and national journals, and has edited various books and conference proceedings.



Muluhiwot Getachew holds a BA degree in Business Administration from Towson State University and an MBA in International Business from the University of Baltimore. Since then, Muluhiwot has worked in various organizations in different capacities and has diversified experience in administrative support and financial management. Currently, she is working as a Program Assistant the Project and provides support for the programme management activities.

  Yasin Getahun holds a Diploma in Forestry from the Wondogenet College of Forestry and obtained his BA Degree in Geography from Kotebe College of Teacher Education. Furthermore, he has taken short term trainings on GIS-RS application and database management locally and abroad. Yasin is currently working as a GIS Technician for the Project. Prior to joining the IPMS project in 2004, he worked as a GIS-RS technician for 17 years at the Ministry of Agriculture.

Dirk Hoekstra is an agricultural economist, who got his Ir degree from Wageningen Agriculture University in 1973. In May 2004, he was recruited to manage the IPMS Project. During his professional career, Dirk has worked in numerous countries in agricultural development and research. Amongst others he worked for ICRAF from 1982 to 1993. During that period, he contributed to the development of the agro forestry research networks in sub Saharan Africa and coordinated the development and implementation of the East and Central African Highlands agroforestry research network activities from 1987 to early 1993. As a project manager of a Dutch funded rural development project in the South West of Ethiopia from 1999 to 2003, he assisted the Ministry of Agriculture and cooperatives in the development of a market system for the sale of forest coffee to Europe.



Noah Kebede holds BSc and MSc Degrees in Physical Geography and has also completed advanced studies in Spatial Analysis and Environmental Studies at the Louis Pasteur University Strasbourg I. He is now working as a GIS Research Officer in the IPMS Project. Prior to joining ILRI, he has worked as a consultant for various public and private organizations in covering domains such as GIS, hydrology, environmental impact assessment, and natural hazards assessment.


Ranjitha Puskur is the innovations systems expert in IPMS. She holds a PhD in Agricultural Economics and was trained in "Agricultural Research for Development (ARD)" at the International Centre for development oriented Research in Agriculture (ICRA) in Wageningen, The Netherlands. Before joining ILRI, she worked for the International Water Management Institute in its South Asia office, as a project leader. She was a consultant to DFID, a trainer at ICRA in their programme on ARD. The focus of her work was on making agricultural research sensitive and responsive to the needs of the less endowed sections of the rural population. She has led and guided interdisciplinary and multicultural teams in various parts of and Africa.


Ermias Sehai is the Knowledge Management Advisor for the IPMS project. Ermias joined ILRI in 2003. His previous professional experience focused on leveraging information and communications technologies to deliver better business results. His past employers include the management consulting practices of Ernst & Young USA (as a Senior Consultant) and PriceWaterhouseCoopers (as Principal Consultant). Ermias obtained his BSc (Magna Cum Laude) in Mathematics from Cumberland College (University of the Cumberlands) and his MSc in Management Science / Project Management from The George Washington University


Abebe Shiferaw obtained his BSc in Soil & Water Conservation from from Asmara University. Before obtaining his MSc in soil science from Zhejiaug Agricultural University in China, Abebe worked as an assistant lecturer for 2 years at Alemaya University. He was then a lecturer at Mekelle University College for 3 years before joining World Vision as a project development coordinator. Abebe worked with this project for 5 years in the Damota area and later became a senior Agricultural/Conservation Officer in the Southern branch office. Abebe is currently a Research & Development Officer for the Alaba Pilot Learning Woreda.


Azage Tegegne has a BSc in Animal Sciences and an MSc in Animal Production, specializing in Animal Breeding from Addis Ababa University. He completed his PhD studies in animal reproduction at the Graduate School of Tropical Veterinary Science and Agriculture, James Cook University. He has over 20 years of experience in university teaching, research, extension and development activities. Azage has authored/co-authored over 150 scientific and professional articles in the areas of livestock production and management in the tropics in peer reviewed journals, conference proceedings and book chapters. He has also supervised the theses research of over 35 post-graduate students from various universities throughout the world. He served as a Manager, of the ILRI Debre Zeit Research Station. He is currently working as a research scientist in the IPMS Project.


Worku Teka obtained his BSc in Agriculture from Alemaya University and his MSc in grain storage management from the University of Greenwich, UK. Prior to joining ILRI, he worked as Head of the Amhara Region Agricultural Research Institute’s Seed unit. Worku also worked as a senior grain storage expert for the Amhara Region Bureau of Agriculture. Currently, Worku is a Research and Development Officer for the Metema Pilot Learning Woreda.


Gebremedhin Woldewahid obtained an MSc in Crop Production and a PhD in Production Ecology and Resources Conservation from Wageningen University.  Gebremedhin has been involved in a variety of research and development programs related to agronomic practices of irrigated and rainfed crops. He has also worked as Assistant in Research and Training under the Wageningen University and FAO-Emergence and Prevention Systems collaborative project. While working at the Tigray Agricultural Research Institute, Gebremedhin was responsible for project design and technical advice on a broad range of research programs related to crop production and NRM. Gebremedhin is currently a working as a Research and Development Officer for the Atsbi Pilot Learning Woreda.


Ketema Yilma holds a post Graduate Diploma in Tropical Animal Production and Health from the University of Edinburgh and a BSc in Animal Science from Alemaya College of Agriculture. He has extensive experience working in rural development both in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as well as various NGOs and has also visited Africa and Asia on study tours. As deputy coordinator of FARM Africa's Dairy Goat Development Project, he authored and coauthored various papers in Goat Development and farmers organizations in Ethiopia that were published in local and international journals. Prior to joining the IPMS project, Ketema was the Manager of the LOWO Project and Head of the field office for IIRR in Southern Ethiopia. Ketema is currently the Research & Development Officer for the Dale Pilot Learning Woreda.



Tilahun Gebey obtained his first degree from Alemaya University of Agriculture in Animal science and he has got his Masters Degree in the Management of Development specialising in International Agriculture at the University of Larenstein . Prior to IPMS he worked for the Ministry of Agriculture and SOS Sahel International UK. Tilahun has been involved in various livestock development activities such as designing village level day-old chicks satellite brooder systems, beekeeping from technology development to product processing and marketing. In this context he designed the Smallholders Apiculture Development and Trade promotion Project proposal which was implemented in Amhara Region from 2003-2006. The project included the establishment of beekeeper cooperatives for honey and wax collection, the establishment of a Regional Beekeeper Union and the creation of the AMAR organic honey brand.  Tilahun served as the Regional coordinator for this project. He also attended international symposiums and contributed articles in the same field. 







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